The details are what it’s all about. They help “sell” the scene and enhance the immersive environment we create. Whether it’s the letters inside an antique mailbox, the vintage magazines and comics on a news rack, the period cabinet trim in a theater
lobby, or the diverse background music and seasonal sound-effects playing in each space, no detail is too small to escape our attention.

The Research

We conduct extensive research into the period, theme, or setting we are creating. This guides the selection of building materials, color palette, wall finishes, furniture, flooring, props, and decorative details. Think of it as a movie being filmed inside your home. It’s the production design, set decoration, and props that lend the realism to your favorite motion pictures. With our multi-decade film production background, that’s the same methodology we use for each Dream Vision Interior.

The Storytelling

Taking a page from Disney’s storytelling approach to design, we can even fold your family history into your new entertainment space, incorporating family crests on building facades, family names in the signage, family photos in displays, and ancestral heritage in the overall design scheme.

The Technology

Even though much of our work is focused on historical period and fantasy design, the technology behind the scenes is strictly state-of-the-art. Video projection, computer-controlled signage, interactive displays, ambient audio systems, and full-scale home automation are just some of the technologies we incorporate to run your entertainment space easily and efficiently, often triggering the entire complex with the touch of a single button.