How can Dream Vision Interiors help you get more listings and sell more homes?

Prior To Listing

We can work with your sellers in the luxury home market prior to listings going active to design and build a unique environment within their home that will set it apart from the rest of the premium homes on the market.

Active Listings

Of course, this can also be done with current active listings to breathe new life into properties that are getting little traction.

Transform Large Spaces

We are able to transform large single-use spaces that would not appeal to most buyers, such as an indoor basketball court or tennis court, a 15+ car garage, an oversized in-law wing, or a guest house, turning a negative into a substantial positive. Keep in mind that on mega-luxury homes, the cost of a DVI entertainment center build-out may be less than the total amount of price drops it might take to get the house sold with problematic areas.

Help Buyers Visualize

If a seller is unwilling to invest in a large-scale renovation prior to sale, we can create new floor plans and renderings to display during showings to help buyers visualize the exciting options and possibilities for large areas they would probably look to repurpose.

Close Deals

We can meet with serious potential buyers to discuss and develop more customized plans, ideas, and design concepts tailored specifically to their interests, hobbies, heritage, and personal taste. We help close deals by kindling the flames of creativity and excitement about the house and developing an exciting presentation that will focus specifically on their use of the new entertainment space.

Professional Team

DVI is strategically partnered with Nassal, one of the largest theme park fabricators in the world. As a marketing coup, you will be able to tell your clients that their entertainment center is being created by the same team who has brought to life some of the most beloved stories, lands, and environments at theme parks and attractions around the world.

PR & Marketing Clout

We bring public relations and marketing clout to your listing. DVI has one of Orlando’s top public relations firms—Uproar PR—on retainer. Time has shown that our entertainment centers are unique enough to garner press attention, so our builds get the full weight of Uproar’s staff to solicit print, TV, social media, and web press coverage, significantly raising awareness of your listing and your firm.

Referral Incentive

We offer a realtor incentive commission on any clients you deliver that result in a sale for DVI. Therefore, in addition to helping you close deals, we would add thousands of dollars in revenue over and above your listing commissions. The realtor incentive commission is also available to you for projects not tied to a current listing.

Prime Target Clients Include:

  • Families who enjoy parties and get-togethers with friends and family

  • Disney fans and theme park aficionados

  • Tech-savvy clients looking for new and innovative ideas for their home

  • Executives who entertain business associates and clients

  • Families with a love of film, music, and art

  • Clients looking for unique, cutting-edge ways to make their home amenities different from anything their friends, family, or business associates have ever seen

Costs depend entirely on the scope of each entertainment space. Projects range from approximately $35,000 to over $2,000,000, and dedicated spaces range from 1,000 square-foot existing rooms to 8,000+ square-foot home additions.