Jim & Kris Duffy
Jim & Kris DuffyLead Designers/Project Managers
Jim & Kris Duffy bring more than 40 years of experience in set design, interior design, and film production into the fantastic new world of high-end home entertainment design. They are the recipients of numerous awards including First Place regional and national awards from the National Association for the Remodeling Industry (NARI), an Emmy Award, and dozens of Telly and Addy Awards for original concepts.
Greg Duffy
Greg DuffyArt Director
Greg Duffy supervises fabrication on each project, personally sculpting, producing, and painting many of the design elementS. Greg has 15 years of art, computer graphics, sculpting, 3D printing, specialty painting, and fabrication experience working with multiple Orlando theme parks, as well as Sony Pictures, Morris Costumes, and Halloween Horror Nights. He also owns and operates the fantasy-focused design shop Creature Curiosities.
Jeremy Mazza
Jeremy MazzaDirector of Client Development
Jeremy Mazza leads DVI’s sales and marketing efforts. As a top-performing realtor for Keller Williams over the past seven years, he consistently outperformed 90% of the company’s Central Florida realtors. Jeremy utilizes his advanced networking and client relations skills and extensive knowledge of real estate and the construction industry to develop long-lasting relationships with homeowners and business partners.


Dream Vision Interiors has partnered with The Companies of Nassal for our primary fabrication elements and construction. Nassal has an unparalleled track record in creating world-class theme park attractions, specialty destinations, and experiences.

Supporting DVI and Nassal is a host of audio-video technicians, home automation specialists, tradesmen, and artists… including Creature Curiosities – an award-winning team of sculptors and artists who create fantastic one-of-a-kind props and themed decor.